Artist Statement:

Hi, I have lived in Florida all my life, and in 1970 received a Graduate Degree from Ringling School of Art in 

Sarasota, Florida. The Water, Ocean, Nature, and Southwestern Culture

have all been my Teachers. I believe that when you do Art . . . Spirit speaks through You, and it is that deep connection to Spirit, that I wish to express in each

painting. For  me; each Painting is a Blessing that I receive from the Divine in a language made out of infinite living shapes, patterns, symbols, and colors, that goes beyond our words as a form of communication.


The following are Principles of Creation for me :

* To bring forth flashes of intuition that penetrate to the very core of our being, 

    illuminating what has always been there, but was lost to sight.

* To see beyond the form of things, perceive their secret essence, recognize it, and portray it so that we can

    recognize it within ourselves.

* To capture a perceptive life force which seems to grow with the painting each day that it is viewed.

* To portray a reality in the paintings that comes from a certain clarity I achieve long before I begin to Paint.

* To produce Fine Art that reaches beyond our average minds and actually jolts prehistoric 

   or some sort of species - based memories.

* To touch people with the Primordial reality.

* To create Art for all to share, in the expression of the enlightened mind.

* To feel like I am Creating Art that is Inspiring, Meaningful...

* I want to do Art that actually stops the mind and reveals the Oneness of all things in Primordial Harmony.

* To provide an experience for the viewer that makes being where we are . . . Spiritual !


If you like my Art . . . please pass the word around to others, Thanks for stopping by the gallery. Bud Weaver


Bud Weaver

art is my way to connect with the divine . . .

Originals and Prints of all my Paintings and Art are available at:

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