Reflections of the Mother

This is a painting reflecting principles of,

As above so below and vice versa...

Symbolic Language:

Moon: Spiritual - Female, Mother, Love, Conceive

                  Earth - Female, Mother, Nurture, Life

Woman on the bottom - Female, Birthing four races

                   Medicine Wheel, Life 

Star Hands: Spiritual - Healing, Blessing

                          Earth - Friendship

Rain Kachina:  Earth - Left Rain Priest pictograph prayer

                          Spiritual - Rain and abundance over mesa

Steps: Spiritual - Levels of Awareness

                 Earth - Southwestern landscape,

                              Mesa shapes, Ladders

Corn Plant: Earth - Life

                     Spiritual - Sun and Corn combined petroglyph

                                      prayer on right foreground

‚Äč Maiden Dancers: Spiritual~ Earth - are in the physical

                      world telling the stories, but on a spiritual level

                      the pot is a symbol for a vessel, the heart full 

                      of love, center, child like innocence, hollow, 

                      medicine wheel, the circle of light... so they are

                      Dancing through the Universe carrying Light 

                      to Bless the People.

Little White Dove: Signature Symbol for Peace

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Bud Weaver